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Changing our Mindset requires Healing


healing mindset matters

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about mindset and how there is a lot of noise in society about how you have to get your mindset, right. Now I am not saying that that is wrong in theory but it has gotten to be the buzzword and it’s not that simple.

I think it’s important to go introspective to understand why your mindset is off…

What happened to shift your mindset? Can you identify the point that things changed?

Do you have some trauma that you were struggling to get over?

Did you experience a loss of a loved one or maybe a job loss?

Maybe you trusted the wrong person and then experienced emotional abuse. This for me was one of the hardest traumas to heal. Learning to trust yourself and others again is a process that takes time, patience, and grace.

Let’s face it most people are struggling in one way or another and I feel like when society continuously tells people that they have to get their mindset right it is like shaming them for underlying conditions that need to be healed before any shift can happen.

We don’t shame people that have broken arms or broken legs. But we can shame people for not having the "right mindset"…

Whatever the “right mindset” is would be different for each individual person. Because we are each unique I think that is some thing that we have to realize that not all programs or healing modalities will work for every person it has to be tailored to each individual to bring out their best and brightest selves. To help them feel validated for the experience so they can move through it. Instead of telling them that they’re wrong for feeling that way.

Now, I also recognize that sometimes we can get stuck in a loop. In my opinion, this takes compassionate understanding to help someone pull themselves through it.

We are our own most powerful guide, and sometimes it takes another person to help move us through the chaos.

So if you are struggling today, just know that you are not alone, and reaching out for support is powerful.

Love yourself. ❤️