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Transform Your Life

Empowering Strategies for Personal and Professional Growth

Integrated Life 1-1 Coaching Program


I. Program Overview:

This program is to be structured as a 3 or 6-month commitment, depending on the preferences of each person. It begins with an initial {virtual} VIP Planning Session that lasts up to 4 hours, during which we will identify the specific goals and challenges.

Following this, clients will embark on their personalized coaching journey of either weekly or bi-weekly 60 minute coaching calls for a total of 12 60-minute coaching sessions.

II. Coaching Objectives:

  • VIP Planning Session (up to 4 hours):
    • Individual goal setting and action planning.
    • Identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement.
    • Defining a clear roadmap for success.
    • Daily accountability utilizing technology
  • Mindset and Confidence Building:
    • Addressing self-doubt and fostering a growth mindset.
    • Building self-confidence and resilience.
  • Event Planning, Organization and Execution:
    • Effective strategies for planning and executing events.
    • Enhancing organizational skills.
  • Utilizing Technology for Efficiency:
    • Leveraging technology to maximize time and productivity.
    • Implementing tech tools to streamline workflows.
  • Resourcefulness and Marketing Strategies:
    • Developing resourcefulness and creativity.
    • Crafting and implementing marketing strategies for business growth.
  • Self-Regulation, Motivation and Effective Follow-up:
    • Techniques for managing stress and emotions.
    • Establishing robust follow-up strategies for sustained success.
  • Overcoming Adversity:
    • Building resilience and bouncing back from setbacks.
  • DNA Competency Assessments:
    • A DNA assessment to measure the 25 core competencies crucial for success..
    • TriMetrix EQ assessment that measures Behaviors, Motivators & Emotional Quotient

III. Benefits of the Program:

  • Increase individual performance and productivity.
  • Better communication with self and others
  • Improved leadership skills and decision-making.
  • Greater confidence, resilience, and mindset optimization.
  • Enhanced event planning, organizational, and marketing skills.
  • Efficient use of technology to maximize time.
  • Resourcefulness, self-regulation, and effective follow-up strategies.
  • Overcoming adversity and thriving in challenging situations.
  • Personalized assessments to identify strengths and areas of awareness.


The Achosa Home Warranty sales team began working the Unleash Your Amazing program with Tammy in April, and her impact was immediate. In first 6-months, despite a challenging home warranty and real estate market, we experienced a remarkable increase in gross revenue compared to 2022.  Tammy's guidance has been invaluable in helping my team identify their priorities, gain a deeper understanding of both themselves and their clients, and enhance their overall effectiveness.

Furthermore, Tammy played a pivotal role in developing a job benchmark for our sales executive position, which has significantly contributed to reducing turnover within our team and improving in our recruiting efforts. Remarkably, we not only recouped our initial investment in her expertise within the first 6-months but also saw substantial returns on our investment. Tammy has been an integral part of our success story.- Harry Keifer, Co-Founder

"Tammy has a gift for connecting people and getting to the bottom of the issues that were holding me back. Her program helped me to learn about how to utilize my strengths. Since I began working with Tammy my business has not only tripled but the quality of my clients has improved as well so that the relationships I have with them are more impactful. I would recommend Tammy to anyone trying to gain better understanding of self while at the same time increasing their business. Thank you Tammy you are the best I have worked with."  - Scott M. 
"Tammy is one of those people that comes into your life and lives an imprint on your soul immediately. From day one, I knew she was a winner and once I saw her in her element...whether it is with students, or in sales, she was just dedicated and extremely knowledgeable. That was not what made the greatest impact though, it was her genuine ways. You felt like you are the only one that matters when dealing directly with Tammy. This was her greatest quality...she cared! Loved that and you will too! Let her into your life, let her into your organization, you will not regret it!" - J.A. Dava
"I have had the great pleasure of working with Tammy over the last couple of months to put together a coaching program for our mortgage team. While we are only half way through the program, I could not wait to sing her praises. I have personally improved, improved relationships with co-workers, and witnessed improvements throughout our team's culture and interactions. I made my personal development plan a part of my 2024 business plan and I can already tell that the goals I have will be easier to attain with the additional clarity her coaching has brought to my vision for success. 10 out of 10!!" - Alice Lund
"Tammy is a great coach. She is nurturing, yet she will challenge you and hold you accountable to achieve your goals. She is very knowledgeable about DISC and Driving Forces (which is WHY you do the things you do). She is an awesome manager and leader. She will take charge and get things done. I appreciate all she's done for me in our personal coaching sessions." - Laura Burmeister 

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60+ Page Report

Discover your uniqueness with this custom report that measures; behavioral preferences, motivational insights, and current level of Emotional Intelligence. 



12 Individual Coaching Calls

Dig into your gifts and learn strategies to help better manage your energy while empowering your dreams. 


Enhance EQ

Work through strategies that help with self awareness and regulation, how to build better relationships and maximize networking opportunities.